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What to expect

One of Modern Jive’s key strengths is its versatility. Whilst Modern Jive is flexible and open to influence from other dance styles, it is a style unto itself. Its essence or basic rhythms have not changed, but the styling of the dance is in a state of perpetual evolution. It can be adapted to music of the day, so just as music changes, today’s Modern Jive is very different to the style 10 years ago!

Some of the more common dance types included in the style descriptions for Modern Jive are; are for example, a mix of French Jive, Latin, Rock’n'Roll, Salsa and Swing. Whilst Modern Jive draws moves and patterns from all these styles, it is distinct from them all. To understand the essence of today’s Modern Jive and appreciate what a wonderful, fun and adaptable freestyle dance it is, you really need to jump in try it and see it in action! We cater to beginner’s every week.

Casual cool clothing is recommended. Shoes with some give on the bottom are best (suede or leather). Ladies avoid slip ons! But on your first night wear whatever you have that is comfortable.

Dancing changes lives, so you owe it to yourself to give it a try!
Please let your friends know too!
1. You get a value for money night out!
2. A chance to socialize (in fact, many dancers meet lifelong friends and life partners through dancing)
3. Build social confidence
4. Adds mutual interest, fun (and child-free parent time) to existing relationships
5. Get fit, without you even trying!
6. Stimulate the mind, body and soul
7. It's emotionally satisfying
8. It’s a great creative outlet
9. It stimulates personal growth
10. And, more simply, it’s great fun and livens up your life!!

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